shadow shadow shadow
During a Summercamp of the NGO "JBN" a German ecological Organisation
A spontanious land art project happened, at the river mouth of Isar.
Many children built a 33 feet crocodile.
With an impulsive idea, I playful start alone.
Children join in on their own accord. When I feel the momentum,
I withdraw step by step and observe.
In case it gets too crowded with creators I start something else.
If a project is left unfinished, I take over again and up to now,
new participants always appeared.

With the Heidschnucken, a unspoiled sheep race, was some of the mood,
a lonely heath emanates, created in the Botanical Garden Bayreuth,
heath compartment.
Alas the sculls were stolen by Death Metal admirers.
I found out, when one of them asked me to join him
securing some sculls in the Botanical Garden.
He was quite surprised, when I told him.
For some time the sculls didn’t vanish, but now they only dance
in the wind of memory.

With two conchies (please call), I built , in Wiesenfelden
for the BUND Naturschutz Education Work, a beavers lodge.
Big enough for humans.

The antecessor was a undocumented beaver lodge purely wood,
i had the pleasure to instruct at a JBN summer camp Green Hell 2002.
At this occasion everybody empathised very much with beavers.

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Axel Luther, freelance artist, Hollfeld, Bayreuth, Germany