shadow shadow shadow


 is a project to change the world
with something very small and truly magic.

It is a prayer for alteration.
It is a mystic experiment.
It started when the idea of changing boards,
 painted on both sides,
 hit me,
while I was looking at painted shelves,
hanging at a wall.

They looked so paralysed.
So I made my first changing board.

Free turning in the Wind.
And of course a change.

The first one was a Tiger,
coming... and leaving.

I never mastered the art of painting.
It never was in my way.

And there was no talented teacher in sight.
But these changing boards
didnít require talent or skill.
It needs heart, maybe a motive...

Magic came not controlled
therefore without the possibility of abuse.

I painted one for a friend portraying him with no intention
......and the first strange things happened

I put wishes on it ...they changed
I sketched and wrote extremes on both sides.
I named the unbearable things in the world.

I changed

connected with these turning shelves
will change.

Partly, maybe because of a butterfly effect,
But the act alternates the focus.

Nothing, not even the most powerful fact,
will last forever.


We will never know all the effects of our doing.

Intention is a focus,
reality happens collateral
In my life, the deeds with no intention,
had the most beautiful, perceivable effects.

If I put a wish, a idea on one of these boards,
it is a prayer and a offering.
It will change and I want to accept it.
It will melt the solidified parts in my life
and help me to realise the small things,
the reality of change.



Axel Luther, globe of change