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Dragons symbolise for me pure power, neither good nor bad.
My great dragons are derived form crocodiles and lindworms, with a small trace of Chinese Dragon blood in their ancestry.
And there are the small dragons, sometimes called dwarf dragon or butterfly dragon.
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The other dragon sculptures are called dragon gold, dragon mother, agamid lizard, great dragon, earthquake, water dragon, dragon egg and butterfly dragon made out of ceramic, glazed. Franceska Kieser a female potter made ceramic bowls and I had to add my ideas. One was Dragons in the bowl. There where quite a few.
While opening the interior appeared alive for a split second. All are gone elsewhere, and I don't do pots. Most of the dragons are sold, a few, even went to New York, to the composer Jim Steinman. More dragon interpretations on page:
Murals, Wallpainting

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Axel Luther, freelance artist, Germany