shadow shadow shadow
Bulls and buffalo are symbols for plentifulness.

The horns emblematise the crescent a attribute of the Moon goddess.
The concentrated power of cattle has always inspired
the people of Asia, Africa and Europe.
There is one descendant of the bulls cult of old Crete, in Spain and France.
In Mexico it has reached America.

With Asian people and especially many African,
number of cattle and its beauty is a measure of wealth and prestige.
In Indonesia another taurine, the Water buffalo, takes its place.

The wild bull was considered as untameable in the Bible.
His potential in destruction and virility had something numinous.
In modern agriculture it is perverted.
The dull turbo cattle resembles rarely, the sharp witted wild rind.
But it has not vanished altogether from our domestic cattle.
Proved by the feral oxen of Australia, America,
the fighting bulls of Spain and France and the
rebred Auerochs in  parts of Europe.

The bulls painted in the ancient caves of Europe,
are related to my interpretation of oxen.

While I was creating the three wisent bulls,
now in London at Fabisziskys,
I felt something very ancient taking over,
seemingly being obsessed, i only watched.

The creation of animal sculptures is still a kind of communion
with the animals essence.
But the feeling of being obsessed never turned up again that way,
during shaping.
The creator is no longer strange to me.

Besides the taurus, is the Indian buffalo another creature with mythic powers.
Alike his European relative the wisent, is his sculpture riding on a steel rod
in a garden, an object with very sappy emanation.
The size is not important, the intensity of expression very much.
Material is in most cases ceramic engobe and oxides.

And there is the dancing bull of time, made out of Time (die Zeit) a weekly
German newspaper. If you push him he dances destruction, a symbol for entropy
Itís sold to the Renta Group Collection, Nuremberg

Axel Luther, freelance artist, Bayreuth, Germany.