shadow shadow shadow
Somehow , painting on walls was never the same as painting on canvass or wood.
It starts in a few cases with a chalk sketch; but mostly just on the wall.
Carried by an ancient power, I don’t heed the pretensions of „Painting“.
A wall calls with a force which doesn’t know insecurities.
It never asks for art history or the fuss about art today.
A wall summons and carries me.

In a little restaurant the Purgatorio at the lake Lago di Bolsena,a wall called out for me,it was more than 16 feet high, rough plaster. I communicated with hand an feet to get the permission to paint. They allowed it. I chose Schminke watercolours and very small brushes. Three days painting from morning till night. More than ten years we casually visited it. Then the wall had to give way to an extension.

With sponge, brush, fingers, even the whole body, something cries for embodiment. It is not me, who paints. Somebody else calls figures on the wall.
Animals creep out of every crack. In the past I hardly could stop it.
Now I am old enough to control it.

Therefore it is possible for me, to do remittance work, like the desert in the cactuses house of the Botanical Garden Bayreuth. I was wrenching myself between horribly spiky cacti, in order to give them a desert background.

Even some advice from a professional like Thomas Brix, regarding the shadow in tromp d` oeil, reaches me, flows onto the wall.

The Dragon on a wall of a school restroom, in Bayreuth was made in cooperation with a friend Stefan Stenglein from Hollfeld. He is a perfect assistant and if he offers a wall to me which isn’t endangered by school wardens, I would like to do another Dragon of Chaos with him.


There is a Indian goddess
called in her dark aspects Durga or Kali.
She is the cosmic Power
of love and destruction
even stronger than Shiva.

In India
they have forgotten one disguise of her,
the all conquering „Cleaning Lady“.
Nothing can withstand her
and the marrow in your bones will freeze
when she starts to dance.

A weaker descendant of her is the warden, watch him, he throws a great shadow the evening.



Axel Luther, freelance artist. I do plaster relief too, the one above was the first (1994).Hollfeld/Bayreuth, Germany