shadow shadow shadow

Birds on steel rods in the garden forwarded my bird production. Ravens Corvus corax are still my favourite. Somewhat mischievous, always good for a prank they have my sympathy. Ravens are synonymic with bad luck, so I made Lucky Fellow.
Ravens and parrots feel like friends. Owls seem like aliens from outer space. All other birds dislike them. But very fascinating. So Owl, fogey, codger and bun appear frequently in my work. My favourite are the ones gulping a hamster or so. I never did any form or mould with this birds, in fear of loosing the joy to create them.
The most recent project is the lucky owls, lucky ravens and other lucky birds to turn everyone into a lucky charm.

lucky owls and lucky raven

Lucky owls and lucky raven pocket prove sculpture

It’s just the contact to this idea, not necessarily to the object.
And of course its not ordinary luck, that turns too easy into the opposite.
It is the power which turns bad into good and feeds the soul.
It’s the point of view, the ultimate magic.
You might take one from me, to keep it for a while
or just make one for yourself.
If you loose it, feel happy, you are already infected.
The contagious bird is on its way to a new host.

lucky owls sculpture

Do you want to palm my little owl.

Axel Luther freelance artist, fine arts, Bayreuth, studio in Hollfeld Germany.